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Fake Doug Ford account gets verified as Elon Musk Twitter fiasco escalates

Ontario Premier Doug Ford's recognizable, folksy speaking style, frequent embarrassing gaffes, and fondness for high-calorie food items have all been perfectly rolled up into a fake Twitter account.

And while the platform's new billionaire owner Elon Musk tinkers with verification rules and the much-sought-after blue check mark in an attempt to cash in on clout chasers and cut down on impostor accounts, this fake Doug Ford account managed to land a blue check mark, paving the way for absolute hilarity.

The @DougFord_ON account — not to be confused with the very real @fordnation handle used by the actual premier — was created back in August, and has gradually gained a following of over 4,500 on Twitter, compared to the actual premier's 654.4K followers.

And it's the combination of the account's curiously Doug-esque tweets and the corporate chaos unfolding with Twitter that is turning this parody profile into a discussion topic.

Billionaire tech and space baron Elon Musk's high-profile purchase of the platform and subsequent shakeups have been a big newsmaker in recent weeks, with influencer types all up in arms about their hard-earned but completely meaningless blue check marks being made available to anyone willing to pay.

That move has come with a crackdown on parody accounts, as Twitter pledges to remove blue check marks from accounts impersonating or parodying a public figure. But, in stark contrast to Twitter's pledge, the introduction of paid verification has only fostered a wave of verified fake accounts.

Like our online Dougie impostor now generating lols among Twitter users.

Some of the tweets are completely outrageous, and yet, somehow, they all maintain at least a shred of believability as things that our bumbling premier might, in some timeline, actually say.

If Elon Musk's unhinged Twitter ramblings are to be believed by more than just far-right activists and crypto bros, then the Doug Ford parody account might not be long for this world. So enjoy it while you can.

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