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Brampton driver pulled over in luxury car basically held together with tape

If your mental image of a BMW owner is an upper-crust business type with a taste for class, you're going to want to clear any expectations from your head for this next story, in which a Brampton driver was pulled over by police in a Beamer that looks more like a 2000s-era skater kid's wallet than a luxury sedan.

The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) Highway Safety Division shared an amusing account of a traffic stop on Twitter, reporting that a 27-year-old male motorist from Brampton was pulled over on Highway 401 near Guelph Line with a car that looked precariously held together with what appears to be black duct tape.

The BMW 320i was photographed missing its rear windshield and at least one window, both appearing hastily repaired in a MacGyver-style patch job using tape.

Despite an excuse that the driver was just en route to sell their beater of a Beamer, OPP officers issued charges for the obviously unsafe vehicle, as well as driving with no insurance, driving under a suspended licence, and six other offences under the Highway Traffic Act.

But people seem hung up on the fact that someone was actually willing to buy this thing.

One commenter even suggested that the tape-job BMW wasn't even fit for a scrap yard.

Others are poring over the finer details, like adhesive residue from removed tape telling the story that this was not, in fact, the first taped-up patch job for the car.

So if you're looking to sell your absolute wreck of a car, the lesson to be learned here is that you probably shouldn't take the thing out for that one last victory lap, and maybe call a tow truck instead.

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