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Video shows people hanging out of convertibles to film a music video on the Gardiner

While the iconic Gardiner Expressway can sometimes be a gridlocked mess, it's also known for having one of the most impressive views of the Toronto skyline as you head into the city — which is perhaps what makes it the perfect setting for some interesting antics, including what appeared to be video shoot this week.

A resident shot a short clip from a nearby condo balcony that shows two red convertibles driving one after the other, a person in the first clearly equipped with a camera in hand to film someone in the second.

The unnamed artist in question can be clearly seen rapping or singing in a white coat and sunglasses while hanging out of the passenger's side as the cars make their way down the notoriously busy highway that connects Toronto westward through the GTHA as the QEW.

Meanwhile, the driver's side scissor door can be seen dangerously hanging partially open, and the poster said the passenger's side was as well.

Also extremely unsafe is the fact that the two vehicles are travelling very slow as they take up the two lefthand lanes, annoyed traffic passing them quickly on the right.

The video, originally posted to TikTok, has garnered more than 107k views, thousands of likes and over 100 comments by the time of publication after being posted only yesterday.

The filmer also tagged Toronto Police, and noted in subsequent updates that traffic and parking services informed them that the act was definitely illegal, and that they weren't the first to tip authorities off.

The comments, of course, are absolutely trolling the group involved, with many joking about the fact that they are driving a Mustang with scissor doors, and not a far more expensive Lamborghini, the type of car normally associated with the style.

"That's Drake's new video, budget cuts," one person joked (Drake has actually shot a portion of a video under the Gardiner, for the record).

"Rental flex," another added.

Many also wondered how there were no cops to be found, and wished that the crew was busted.

This definitely isn't the first time that people have been spotted taking part in annoying, not to mention extremely reckless behaviour on the Gardiner just for the cringey sake of social content, and it surely won't be the last, either.

Lead photo by

@InThe6ix_ on TikTok

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