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People are saying that the fall leaves in Ontario are extra breathtaking this year

Though one could argue that summer is the most fun season in Ontario, many would agree that fall is the most beautiful one, with stunning fiery hues beaming from every deciduous treetop provincewide and putting everyone in the autumn spirit.

And, as we enter into the peak time for the changing scenery, people have really been noticing that nature's display is especially top-notch this year, with some even calling it the most beautiful fall in a decade or more.

It's true that everyone gets a little leaf-crazy around this time of year, scrambling to find the best hiking trails and vantage points to take in (and of course, get pics of) the seasonal foliage, but it is true that there is something about fall 2022 that feels particularly magical.

And, it's not just in our heads, according to experts.

Professors in forest ecology at local universities told the Canadian Press this week that the province's weather patterns have been extremely optimal for fall leaves to change to their brightest form (and stick around) better than other years.

Things like a fair share of rainfall, temperatures on the slightly chillier end for the season and a lack of early frost in recent weeks has made this year's leaf show especially spectacular, versus other years where dry and warm conditions led to more muted colours.

Sunny days paired with cooler nights have also helped the process, making for the perfect conditions for anthocyanin, one of the chemicals that give leaves their autumnal hues, which comes out most under bright light.

The experts told the outlet that all of these factors have combined to make the leaves look "probably the best in some years."

As October winds down, we only have a few weeks longer to take in the views, but hopefully next year will be just as stunning, weather permitting.

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