qew accident

A loose wheel just flew through the windshield of a car driving on the QEW

Toronto-area drivers have had their share of scrapes with death when it comes to errant objects flying through their windshields, but one such incident on Tuesday afternoon ended in tragedy.

A driver heading toward the city on the QEW was unable to swerve out of the way when a wheel flew off a vehicle heading the other direction and crashed through the windshield of their white sedan near Winston Churchill Boulevard in Mississauga.

One man, who remains unnamed, was unfortunately pronounced dead at the scene, though it hasn't been confirmed whether it was the driver or someone else in the car.

The wheel also apparently continued to bounce and smash into two additional cars before getting wedged underneath the second, though it seems everyone else got away unscathed.

All eastbound lanes of the highway between Trafalgar Road and Ford Drive were fully shut down around 1 p.m. as the Ontario Provincial Police investigate, with authorities asking drivers to use alternative routes as "we expect significant traffic congestion as a result of the closure."

The cops are still searching for any information about the westbound vehicle that the wheel came loose from, but at this point believe it was a pickup truck carrying an empty boat trailer.

Just yesterday, a loose piece of plywood was filmed just missing a car driving along Dundas West in downtown Toronto, while Ontario drivers have had sheets of ice, concrete, shovels and more come crashing through their windshields on local highways.

Last year, a man was actually killed when an entire highway sign fell onto his car, also on the QEW.

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