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A driver took a shovel through the windshield of their Porsche in Mississauga

A terrifying photo shared by the Ontario Provincial Police is serving as a reminder to always secure the random junk you keep in the back of your vehicle.

You know, like a freaking shovel that could come loose and cause a highway catastrophe.

The OPP Highway Safety Division tweeted a photo of a near-disaster that occurred on the eastbound lanes of Highway 403 at Mavis Road in Mississauga, with a caption reading, "This is the result when you don't secure your cargo. Could have been fatal!"

An OPP representative tells blogTO that the shovel was "kicked up from a vehicle in front of this Porsche and hit the windshield."

The representative confirms that this was roadside debris, and its origins are currently unknown.

But rusty shovels don't just magically apparate in the middle of a busy highway, and it's a safe bet that this heavy and potentially dangerous tool was unsecured and came loose off the back of a work vehicle.

If the shovel came at the windshield with just a bit more force, it would have undoubtedly punched right through.

It is unknown if a passenger occupied the front seat directly behind the impact point, but the OPP confirmed that nobody was injured in the incident.

The occupant/s of the car may have walked away unscathed, but anyone who takes a chunk of wood and rusted steel to the windshield at highway speeds is probably walking away with a good scare.

It's just another addition to the list of bizarre and dangerous incidents the OPP Highway Safety Division shares on its Twitter account, like cars with missing tires, toppled trucks, and avocado infernos.

Lead photo by

OPP Highway Safety Division

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