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Former TTC CEO Andy Byford leaves swanky London transit position after two years

Just a bit over two years into his new job at the Transport of London, former Toronto Transit Commission CEO Andy Byford has called it quits.

Earlier this morning word spread that Byford is leaving his position and plans on heading back to the United States to rejoin his wife. 

Prior to landing across the pond, Byford, also known as "Train Daddy," was the MTA New York City Transit president. Again, Byford was in the Big Apple for just two years.

In 2011, the 57-year-old was hired by the TTC and became the interim chief general manager, before being promoted to CEO in March 2012.

He was responsible for modernizing the TTC through his five-year corporate plan and allegedly improving the crumbling system by helping it win the 2017 Outstanding Transit System of the Year, much to the shock of the city.

Byford was named the city's Communicator of the Year by the International Association of Business Communicators that same year. He served at the TTC for five years.

In New York City he worked with former governor Andrew Cuomo and is known for their infamous arguments.

During his last two years in London, Byford saw the completion of the Elizabeth Line, which connects London to its suburbs.

Fun fact, his wife Alison is Canadian and the couple was married in Ottawa back in 1994.

As for the future of the TTC, which is still plagued with delays, cancellations and overall crappy service, it seems Byford won't be returning.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan said Byford's work with the city "has ensured that despite the challenges we have faced, our public transport network remains world-class."

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