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Around 1,500 people were trapped on a GO train in Toronto for hours

Around 1,500 passengers found themselves trapped on a halted westbound GO train on Friday night, the group of restless commuters was reportedly forced to wait out a police investigation just west of Exhibition Station for several hours with no food or water.

It was already a hectic day on transit routes, with over 80 events held around the city this weekend, making for some very congested commutes, and a service suspension on the Lakeshore West line certainly didn't help the already-clogged end-of-week rush on Friday night.

A Metrolinx representative tells blogTO that "service on the Lakeshore West line was suspended due to a fatality west of Exhibition GO Station. We suspended service shortly after 11 p.m, Friday night, impacting Lakeshore West trips."

"Customers waiting at Exhibition GO were able to take a Lakeshore East train back to Union Station to continue their trips from there. TTC protocol was in effect, which allowed GO customers to take the TTC at Union, Exhibition, Mimico and Long Branch."

One GO train with approximately 1,500 passengers was held up for more than four hours due to the delay. Restless passengers were kept in the dark about the tragedy that had unfolded, with a witness telling CityNews that at least one passenger even attempted to pry the train doors open.

Metrolinx confirmed that "once the train was released, crews determined several doors had been opened by customers and needed to be secured before the train could operate."

The transit agency stresses that "Safety is our top priority. Emergency personnel were on scene and we worked with them to get passengers on the incident train moving as soon as it was safe to do so."

"Following every serious incident, staff conducts a thorough review of all actions implemented to determine any lessons learned. We appreciate our customers' patience during a difficult time. All feedback from customers will be reviewed."

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