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Toronto news anchor swallows a fly during live television broadcast

You just can't go a few weeks in this city without someone swallowing a flying insect on live television.

In the latest edition of accidental Toronto celebrity Fear Factor, award-winning journalist and Global National weekend anchor Farah Nasser swallowed a fly during a news broadcast, joining Ontario Premier Doug Ford, to become the second member in the exclusive "famous people who swallowed a flying bug in August" club.

Nasser was mid-report when the insect invaded her airway, explaining, "Pakistan has never seen an unbroken cycle of monsoons quite like this. Eight weeks of nonstop torrential rain. A national emergency has been inv-"

Midway through the word "invoked," a fly zips directly into her mouth. But unlike Doug Ford, who paused a recent press conference to exclaim, "holy Christ, I just swallowed a bee," Nasser maintains her composure.

Choking through the apparent discomfort, Nasser soldiers on, clearing her throat and finishing the report.

Playing off of Doug Ford's recent insect incident, Nasser shared a clip of the unexpected on-air snack with her Twitter followers and a shoutout to the premier.

Nasser is being hailed for her professionalism through the winged arthropod's incursion.

Even the "Doug Ford's Bee" parody account was impressed by Nasser pressing through the unappetizing experience, tweeting from the depths of the premier's digestive tract.

Nasser tells blogTO that "the fly started buzzing around as soon as the newscast began, but most broadcast journalists have been through much worse on live TV. I thought it had disappeared. Then before I knew it, the fly ended up in the back of my throat."

"After the news story aired, my immediate reaction wasn't to cough it up but instead drank as much water as possible. My plan was to swallow it and continue with the newscast. I did, but the fly stayed in my throat the entire time."

"Maybe I should have swallowed a spider to catch the fly," joked Nasser.

If you're wondering what it looks like when a reporter does lose their composure over a bug flying into their mouth, look no further than U.S. broadcast journalist Isiah Carey, who went viral in 2008 when a news blooper was uploaded showing pretty much the opposite reaction as Nasser.

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