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Canada just got new colourful coins celebrating the country's iconic wildlife

Canada's newest collection of coins will bring some of the country's most iconic wildlife into your wallet.

The Royal Canadian Mint is now selling a three-coin Wildlife Reflections series, which celebrates Canada's natural beauty through colourful designs of the grizzly bear, cougar and moose.

"Each coin captures a contemplative moment in the wild and highlights each species' awe-inspiring qualities, reflecting their majesty alongside the grandeur of the Canadian wilderness. It's the next best thing to being in the great outdoors!" reads the description.

The design

According to the Crown corporation, the pure silver coins are "texturally enhanced" on the tail side, depicting the look of the animal's fur and adding a shimmer to the surface of the water.

The coins are also coloured with vibrant hues inspired by nature.

You can see what looks like a beautiful sunset in the backdrop of the grizzly bear coin, day breaking behind the cougar, and crisp blue and green foliage on the moose coin.

canada coins

Royal Canadian Mint

How can you collect these coins?

Sadly, these are not circulation coins, so you'll need to pay up to add them to your collection.

The Royal Canadian Mint is offering a subscription to this series, as each coin is released every couple of months.

The subscription will give avid coin collectors peace of mind, according to the Mint.

"Our coins sell out but yours won't: a subscription reserves your three Wildlife Reflections coins in advance," reads the description.

You won't need to mark your calendar or schedule a reminder. The coins will automatically be shipped to you once they're available.

If you decide you don’t care for one of the wildlife designs, you can also cancel your subscription at any time without penalty.

If you only fancy one design, the Mint is also selling the coins separately, for $119.95 each.

For now, the grizzly bear coin has already been released and can be purchased on the Mint's site.

The cougar and the moose will be released on June 25 and November 5, respectively.

If you're looking for more unique coins to collect, check out this flashy diamond-shaped one that'll make you feel broke.

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