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Toronto is getting a bunch of new road signs to help stop drivers from speeding

Get ready to see some new signs in the middle of traffic lanes to remind drivers of the speed limit in Toronto.

Up too 100 in-road, flexible speed signs will be installed across Toronto's wards as part of the city's Vision Zero Road Safety plan.

These signs will be placed in the centre of the road to serve "as an additional tool in our road safety toolkit to encourage compliance with the posted speed limit in high-priority areas," according to Transportation Services.

Installation is meant to happen on two-way roads with one travel lane in reach direction, parking areas or parking prohibitions to maintain a clear through lane and in areas with a posted speed limit not exceeding 40 kilometres/hour (i.e. school zones).

Though you might just think these are ordinary signs, they are designed to have a "narrowing effect" on roadways, which can give drivers the perception of the need to slow down.

"The installation serves as both a visual reminder of the posted speed limit and a physical device to slow motor vehicle speeds as they pass the sign," said the city.

A pilot phase testing out 10 school areas has already taken place on Underhill Drive, Sloane Avenue, McCown Road, Prince Edward Drive South, Glenholme Avenue, Oakwood Avenue, Boultbee Avenue, Davisville Avenue, Silverstone Drive and Bay Mills Boulevard.

The pilot first started in 2018.

A media spokesperson confirmed the city is looking to install anywhere between 150-200 signs this year, with 97 already installed.

We'll have to wait and see if these signs actually make drivers slow down. 

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Todd Irvine

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