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Sports Illustrated Swimsuit backs Lisa LaFlamme with greyscale cover

Sports Illustratrated is the latest brand to support Lisa LaFlamme and her grey tresses by changing one of its covers into a grey hue.

If for some reason you have no idea about the Lisa LaFlamme drama with Bell Media, the veteran journalist had her contract with CTV National News ended last week in a decision she said was a blindside.

LaFlamme had been the anchor of the national program since 2011 and allegations have been swirling and gaining momentum that her naturally grey hair led to her contract end.

In the 11 days since that decision was publicly announced by Bell Media, a number of companies have created online campaigns to show support for LaFlamme and call out ageism and sexism in the workplace.

Following two marketing decisions from Dove Canada and Wendy's Canada, (where the companies changed their logos to grey) Sports Illustrated Swimsuit magazine is the latest to throw their hat in the ring.

On Thursday evening, the magazine tweeted out its May 2022 cover featuring Maye Musk (mother of Elon) with the caption "We're going grey with Dove in support of woman aging confidently on their own. We are so proud to feature #mayemusk on our May'22 swimsuit cover - living proof that beauty only gets better with age #KeepTheGrey."

But instead of the iconic colourful cover, replacing the tropical shades of the palm trees and Musk's swimsuit was a grey hue.

Though neither Dove Canada or Sports Illustrated outright named Lisa Laflamme, it's not hard to connect the dots between their campaigns and the outrage felt across Canada.

This move from the magazine comes hours after Wendy's Canada changed the hair colour on their iconic Wendy character from fire engine red to LaFlamme grey.

But as more companies look to capitalize on this event, more and more people are questioning their validity.

Is it just a marketing ploy? Will changing a magazine cover (online not even in print) help LaFlamme get her job back?

Either way, I'll be keeping my eyes peeled to a certain burger joint's clown mascot's hair for the next couple of days.

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