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More media personalities are calling out CTV over Lisa LaFlamme's sudden firing

Current and former media personalities are speaking out against an alleged toxic workplace culture at Bell Media and CTV after the sudden and controversial firing of longtime CTV National News anchor Lisa LaFlamme.

The sudden firing left the former anchor feeling "blindsided" after a 35-year career, and a media firestorm has since developed, with growing public and industry outrage fuelled by allegations that LaFlamme was let go due to executives disapproving of the veteran anchor's decision to let her hair go grey.

Response from media and the public have been highly critical of Bell Media, and rampant allegations of ageism and sexism have dominated the discourse.

In what could be a public buckling under pressure, Bell Media has since announced that it would be launching an internal review over the debacle, but this reactive response is doing little to quell the avalanche of criticism directed at the media giant.

Among the long list of media personalities speaking out over the non-renewal of LaFlamme's contract, former Bell Media colleague Brandon Gonez — who left CP24 in 2021 — has been vocal in his disappointment over the handling of the situation.

On Saturday, another former Bell Media employee, Danielle Graham, joined the chorus of LaFlamme's past colleagues speaking out against an alleged toxic culture in the media empire.

Graham opened up about the details surrounding her dismissal from Bell Media, where she alleges that her discrimination concerns were "ignored and laughed at" and followed just days later by her sudden firing.

Even past personalities working for other media entities are speaking out on the culture at Bell Media, including former Corus Entertainment employee Jennifer Valentyne, who herself faced discrimination and sexism leading up to her high-profile exit from the airwaves.

Former Global News reporter Priya Sam took aim at members of Bell's board of directors, which includes five women who have the pull to make positive changes happen within the company.

In response to Sam's post, former CBC anchor Robert Fisher stated that "the 5 women on the Bell Canada Board have a decision to make: 'Lead, (continue to) follow or, get out of the way.'"

Current Global News investigative journalist Sean O'Shea tweeted his shock of the firing, commenting that LaFlamme is "58 years old" and adding that "Lloyd Robertson worked as the network's chief anchor until age 77. Am I missing something?"

Fox News co-anchor and former CTV employee John Roberts, who has himself faced allegations about workplace toxicity, tweeted that he was "stunned" by the news.

Courtney Theriault, a reporter with CityNews in Edmonton, called out the obvious age difference separating LaFlamme and male head anchors' career ends.

Even prominent names outside of the media landscape have condemned Bell and CTV over the firing, including celebrated humanitarian General Roméo Dallaire, former MPPs Cheri DiNovo and Dr. Rima Berns-McGown, and former House of Commons member Jane Philpott.

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