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Ontario cops say reckless driving way up from last year with tons of motorcycle deaths

It's been a deadly summer for motorists in Ontario and now the police are pleading with drivers to be careful.

In a new video highlighting this season's huge death count, Ontario Provincial Police sergeant Kerry Schmidt gives an update on exactly what is happening on our roadways.

"We've seen an increase in every single driving characteristic that is the leading cause of death and injury," said Schidmt.

Stats on impaired driving, speeding, distracted driving and people not wearing seatbelts have massively increased since 2021, which in turn, has resulted in higher death counts.

For just this year, the OPP has investigated a whopping 206 road fatalities across the province.

Specifically motorcyclists, who are dying at an alarming amount with 30 killed just this season. Schmidt said in most of these cases, motorcyclists were not at fault.

"Remember, a motorcyclists is a vulnerable road user, just like a bicyclist or a pedestrian," Schmidt explains.

Just two days ago a motorcyclist was severely injured on Highway 401 in the eastbound express lanes at Meadowvale, when they were struck by tote that came off another vehicle.

Schmidt said a 4x4 object fell from the other vehicle and that the motorcyclist collided with it.

Eight people have died in bicycling collisions as well.

"We need people to understand how important it is to drive safely, drive responsibly and share the road," Schmidt tells the camera.

Stats for ATV/off-roading and marine deaths are also alarming with 17 recorded in each category - that's 34 people who have died from either ATVing or marine-type situations this year alone.

Out of those 17 off-roading fatalities, six victims were not wearing helmets. 

"Motorcycle or ATV, always wear a helmet. Make sure it's done up properly, the chin strap is properly secured under your chin and that you're wearing it properly and that it fits snuggly," said Schmidt.

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OPP Highway Safety Division 

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