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A famous Toronto building's name is trending because of Kevin Hart

The name of a beloved Toronto building is buzzing on social media this week, all because of a famous, pint-sized American comedian and actor.

That's right, the five-foot and change comedic giant Kevin Hart is once again making Toronto famous, and this time he didn't even have to mispronounce the name of the city to raise its profile.

Hart unveiled the debut location of his own plant-based fast food chain in Los Angeles on Aug 25., which the superstar talent is calling Hart House. A name which just so happens to be identical to that of a 111-year-old student centre at the University of Toronto.

Unlike the L.A vegan joint selling plant-based food of the same name, the well-established Toronto Hart House doubles as a venue for events like weddings and other large celebrations, known for its cathedral-like feel and Great Hall that could easily stand in as a Hogwarts set.

With the venerable Gothic Revival-style landmark now sharing the name of a quick-service food establishment, future wedding invitations might require a little bit of clarification.

This U of T landmark might not be the only Canadian establishment learning of a new naming conflict, as a Burnaby B.C. restaurant also appears to be operating under the name Hart House.

Probably not great for any cross-border expansion plans the burgeoning fast food brand may have been cooking up.

Stateside, there are more Los Angeles locations in the works, and Hart has expressed an interest in expanding his fast-food empire to other markets around the United States, including his hometown of Philadelphia, along with cities like Las Vegas, San Francisco, and Atlanta.

Hart developed the restaurant in partnership with CEO Andy Hooper and Chef Mike Salem, the brand's CEO and Head of Culinary Innovation.

The company talks of "disrupting the quick-service industry with a plant-based alternative that is affordable and accessible to all," but it probably wasn't part of their game plan to infringe on the brand of a well-known landmark in a city Kevin Hart has already annoyed by pronouncing that hard double T.

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