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Toronto neighbourhood dismayed at state of historic building after vacancies

A building located at the corner of Dupont and Christie has become the subject of some local controversy after its vacancy has persisted for almost a year.

The building was previously occupied by Starbucks, and was supposed to be replaced by a Popeyes location at one point.

However, the building is now seemingly abandoned and covered in graffiti, with no plans for renovation in sight.

Dupont Christie

The vacant building formerly occupied by Starbucks at Dupont and Christie. Photo Credit: Barri Cohen

Local resident Barri Cohen told blogTO she passes by the vacant building every day.

"It's been this way since at least January," she said.

She tweeted out her concerns regarding the vacant building, tagging local City Councillor for University-Rosedale, Mike Layton.

Cohen wrote, "I know the city is broken, but can no one clean this up?"

Layton responded to the concerns writing, "while we can't force them to have a tenant, we can get them to seek the property maintained properly."

The city councillor directed the issue to the city's property standards division. 311 Toronto also replied to the conversation, stating that all graffiti removal can be reported to its online web portal.

"Property standards exist and should be enforced. If they don't remedy, the city conducts the work and charges it to the property tax bill," Layton tweeted.

While it's not clear whether another business will be taking over this previous Starbucks location, many hope that at least the graffiti is cleaned up soon.

Lead photo by

Barri Cohen

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