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Hilarious video shows wild turkey taunting Barrie police in absurd cop chase

If you've ever wondered what police get up to in quieter parts of Ontario, one hilarious video showing a day in the life of a Barrie officer may give you some idea.

The footage, taken from a resident from their upstairs window, shows a heated cop chase — of a troublesome wild turkey.

"So.....this kind of scene happens every day in front of our house, but this is the first time we've seen Turkey vs. Authorities," local Rob Fraser wrote on Facebook along with the clip, which has since been shared more than 1,600 times.

In it, one unfortunate member of the force faces the clearly exasperating task of trying to get a particularly pesky turkey to leave him the hell alone.

It seems at first that the cop is trying to catch the large bird, but within seconds it becomes clear that he's actually trying to shoo the animal — who seems to be obsessed with him — away.

The fowl repeatedly runs off and returns, clearly taunting the uniformed officer, who finds it going back into the street and following him each time he turns his back to return to his vehicle.

After 30 seconds of the shenanigans, the turkey appears to be staying put on the lawn of the cameraman, so the cop gets in his car — only for the turkey to run towards it once more.

The whole bizarre interaction goes on for what seems like forever before the law enforcement agent gives up and once more gets in his car to finally get going. Of course, the bird refuses to let him do so, circling the SUV and following closely beside him as he attempts to drive off.

The "Benny Hill" theme song put over the fast-forwarded clip makes it all the more entertaining, though the whole thing sadly cuts before we can see the final resolution.

Does the cop get away? Does the turkey make it home? Do they become best friends? We'll never know, but the whole ordeal did definitely make for a priceless viral video — and, oddly enough, it's not the first video taken of such ridiculous turkey-human interactions in the province.

Lead photo by

Rob Fraser

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