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Emaciated baby skunk caught in painful trap is rescued by Toronto Wildlife Centre

A baby striped skunk has been rescued after it was found entangled in a rusty snare trap by dedicated workers at the Toronto Wildlife Centre.

The kit had its neck caught and clamped in the painful trap for many hours, making it impossible for the creature to eat or drink.

Though the contraption was removed and disposed of and the critter sustained no injuries, workers at the centre saw it was "quite thin and dehydrated."

To help the skunk regain its strength, it was given medication to ease any pain and fluids to improve its health.

The young animal also gobbled up a nutritious meal left by staffers in the Wildlife Kitchen. Now almost fully recovered, he will soon be released back into the wild.

A video posted from the centre chronicled the skunk's journey from emaciated to full-bellied and healthy. 

The Toronto Wildlife Centre (TWC) is no stranger to helping animals caught in traps, hit by cars or orphaned due to tragic circumstances.

In the last 10 days alone, the centre rehabilitated a litter of possum babies after their mother was killed by a truck in Mississauga, and is currently housing two beaver kits.

As of July 5, the centre is caring for 509 patients from 36 different species. So far this year, nearly 3,000 patients have been admitted.

The TWC is the only veterinary hospital and rehabilitation facility for sick, injured and orphaned wild animals in the Greater Toronto Area and has been operating for over 20 years.

According to the City of Toronto, if wildlife deterrents are unable to stop critters from venturing onto your property, homeowners are allowed humanely trap any wildlife or can hire any outside party to organize the trapping.

Lead photo by

Toronto Wildlife Centre 

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