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Toronto man looking for pit bull owners after vicious attack in local park

A Toronto couple is looking for the owners of a pit bull that attacked them and their dog while off leash in a park recently.

Curt Martin posted about the incident at Greenwood Park in a local Facebook group in the hopes of finding the owners.

He wrote in the post that after attacking, the dog was finally able to be harnessed by the pair, but that one of the people refused to give out any information and said it was all an accident.

There's been an outpouring of sympathy in comments on the post, with pleas from people for everyone to keep their dogs leashed.

Martin says the attack occurred around 2 p.m. on June 20 after his son's track meet when he was walking with his wife and dog in the east end of the park. He says they didn't pay any mind to another pair with a dog until it barrelled towards them and pinned their dog "before we had any time to react."

"I began screaming at the pair to gain control. Since they couldn't, I began punching their dog on its nose. I managed to get our dog free and into my arms. After which their dog continued to lunge continuously at our dog in my arms," Martin tells blogTO.

"At one point the gentleman told me to calm down and stop moving. As I tried to get free and away from their dog, I slipped and fell. At this point their dog latched onto our dog again and we were now on the street. I pinned my neck on their dog and was able to get our dog free once again and across the street onto a person's porch."

Martin has a minor bite on his hand, and also some scrapes from the situation.

"I have also contacted the school where apparently they may have children attending. They were already aware of the situation through FB and are currently looking into it. I am not exaggerating when I say that this was the most terrifying experience of my life. I was certain in that instance that our dog was going to be killed," says Martin.

Martin's dog has minor injuries and is mostly swollen and bruised, and apparently its harness helped prevent any more serious injury. A case has now been opened with Animal Control.

"What I am hoping for is to locate these two individuals. They must be held accountable for their actions. Their response was deplorable and despicable," says Martin.

"I don't wish ill towards the dog but that dog should be with someone who knows how to control a dog as aggressive as this dog was/is. They need to cover the costs of our vet visit, medication etc. This incident must be on file with Animal Control and the dog quarantined for the appropriate amount of time to be assessed."

Martin says that something that might help with these kinds of problems overall is more corrective action against disregard to leash laws, which he feels is a huge problem at Greenwood.

"Dogs off leash in the park are constant and pose a threat to the safety of everyone in the park. Regardless of how well trained the dogs are," says Martin.

"Swift and simple solution is to have by-law officers ticketing everyone in a real attempt to curb this. Regardless of dog breed or size."

He even says his dog has been attacked before in the same park, and ever since has been much more skittish around larger dogs.

"For now we are unsure if we will feel comfortable taking our dog near this park again," says Martin.

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Curt Martin

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