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Toronto park won't be hosting fireworks for Canada Day and people have mixed feelings

Although fireworks have become synonymous with Canada Day celebrations, one Toronto park is announcing they will not be hosting a fireworks event this year.

In a Facebook post to the South Etobicoke Community Group, one person shared a sign posted at Centennial Park in Etobicoke.

The sign reads, "Centennial Park will not be hosting a Canada Day fireworks event on July 1st."

Many individuals in the Facebook group had mixed emotions regarding the announcement.

One person wrote, "amazing, what a relief for wildlife and pets, and PTSD victims!"

The top comment said, "great for all living creatures. Pet owners are happy for sure. Same with me."

Others weren't so happy with the announcement, calling the decision a "complete joke," and "disappointing."

Another person thought the decision was timely, considering the discovery of many unmarked graves on the grounds of former residential schools across the country. 

They wrote, "that's awesome!!! The wildlife deserve their serenity. Also in the wake of all these Indigenous children a celebration seems in poor taste."

Although the explanation for the cancellation was not provided, some recent fireworks events across the city have become sites of chaos.

The Victoria Day long weekend saw 19 people arrested, seven police officers injured, two people shot, and one person stabbed at Woodbine Beach.

There were also several incidents involving people firing fireworks from cars at people and other vehicles.

It's not clear if the recent cancellation at Centennial Park has anything to do with the events that transpired at Woodbine Beach last month.

However, if you're planning on enjoying the fireworks on July 1st, there are still several sites across the city hosting events.

The City of Toronto announced in a press release over the weekend that Canada Day fireworks celebrations are planned for Mel Lastman Square, Thomson Memorial Park and Ashbridges Bay Park.

The press release also states that fireworks are "not permitted in City parks or on beaches, balconies, streets, parking lots or a property not owned by the person setting off the fireworks."

Fireworks are allowed without a permit on Canada Day until 11 p.m. on a residents' private property only.

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