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Video shows Toronto teens setting off fireworks inside TTC bus

Alarming video footage is circulating in Toronto this week of some rowdy youths screaming, fighting and eventually setting off fireworks — like, actual fireworks — inside a moving TTC bus.

The clip in question, surfaced by 6ixbuzzTV on Wednesday, starts with an apparent teen in a hoodie yelling "ow! ow!" at the top of their lungs. 

For whatever reason, this kid gets up and starts screaming directly into the face of another, sparking a physical skirmish involving several more apparent teens.

Suddenly, we see an arm poke out in front of the camera holding a roman candle, a traditional type of handheld firework that ejects several explosive bursts in a row.

A few individual shells are released from the firecracker before a more frantic series of quick bursts can be seen near the floor on another part of the bus.

Everyone quickly flees the smokey bus, laughing, screaming and filming. The video ends with a young man running into a subway station.

TTC spokesperson Stuart Green confirmed to blogTO that this particular incident took place just before midnight on Monday at Woodbine Station, but it wasn't the only kerfuffle of its kind.

"We are aware of a couple of such incidents. In all cases, we have downloaded video and our investigations are ongoing," said Green.

"Needless to say, deliberately setting off fireworks on public transit is the height of irresponsible behavior. We are fortunate there were no serious injuries."

One person was treated at the scene by EMS and released following the incident.

"The safety of our customers and employees is paramount to all we do and we are using all the tools and evidence at our disposal to investigate these incidents and pursue charges where possible," said Green.

Chaos broke out on the bus at Woodbine shortly after the end of Toronto's annual Victoria Day fireworks show, for which TTC hours were extended on some routes (including 92 Woodbine).

Toronto Police report that the official event was "largely peaceful" on Monday with only one stabbing and five arrests reported

The same could not be said for Sunday night, when 19 people — ten of them minors — were arrested at Woodbine Beach and Ashbridges Bay Park.

One person was stabbed, two people were shot and two people were robbed at gunpoint during an unauthorized and violent fireworks display at Woodbine Beach roughly 24 hours before Monday's bus incident. Seven police officers were injured in the fray, some sustaining eye and ear injuries after being hit with fireworks.

Footage continues to surface of young people shooting roman candles at each other on Woodbine Beach, posturing for the camera like they're in some sort of video game ("GTA:GTA"?).

"This is totally unacceptable behaviour and I support police doing all they can to protect people and keep the public safe," said Mayor John Tory in a statement on Tuesday of the violence, calling it "hooliganism."

"Despite this hooliganism, officers were able to make arrests and make sure there are legal consequences for those breaking the law.  I am thankful for the substantial presence of police and for the work they did under difficult circumstances."

An investigation into the TTC bus fireworks stunt is ongoing.

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