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10 apartment rental websites in Toronto you need to use for your next search

Apartment rental website in Toronto will be in high demand the next time you're house hunting or are just looking for some laughs and screams. 

Here are some apartment rental websites in Toronto you might find useful.


Padmapper not only allows you to customize your search with multiple filter options like length of stay and number of bedrooms, it also shows you rent trends in the area and lists of surrounding neighborhoods that might peak your interest. 


This rental site is really easy to navigate - it has a map with all of the listings sprawled out in the area with a detailed list of all the places right beside it. It also allows you to draw directly on the map to focus on a particular area. 

Rent Seeker

Rent Seeker is a great spot to look for housing if you're a student. There's a tab that’s specifically aimed to find student housing, narrowing down the search to nearby colleges and universities. It also allows you to compare rent prices all across Canada. 


This is a great site to use if you're looking for specific features in your future home. The filter menu has more specific selections to check off like preferred flooring, preferred utilities to be included, as well as search options for sublets and student housing. 


If you’re looking to either buy or rent a condo, Strata is a good site to browse through condos in your area. Like Zumper, it has a map with all the listings on it, allowing you to draw search boundaries as well as a highly customizable filter menu. 

Toronto Home Zone

Facebook is an often overlooked but surprisingly great option when looking for housing. Toronto Home Zone, formerly associated with the popular buy-and-sell/trading site Bunz, has a separate Facebook page dedicated to those looking to rent or find roommates. 


Zillow is both highly customizable and easy to navigate, offering additional services like an agent finder which helps connect you to real estate agents, as well as mortgage and affordability calculators to help you figure out your perfect budget. 

Toronto Rentals

Similar to sites like Padmapper and Zumper, Toronto Rentals has a map that allows you to see all of your customized search options. It also has a VR option that makes for a highly immersive apartment viewing experience. 


As its name suggests, this site is specifically tailored to those looking to buy or rent a condo. Every listing comes with a "compare" option, which is a great tool for figuring out the best possible housing option for you. 


Rentcompass has an interactive map that specifically shows the kind of listings - whether it’s a house, condo or apartment - by using different colour-coated symbols. They’re also active on Facebook and Twitter, which can make house or roomie-hunting even easier.

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