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Doug Ford is totally obsessed with licence plates and here's the proof

Everyone knows that Ontario Premier and PC Party leader Doug Ford has a thing for folksy sayings and fast food splurges, but it's becoming increasingly clear that the guy also has a weird obsession with licence plates.

Whether through his roll-out and cancellation of those wonky blue vehicle plates or his licence plate-focused policies, it seems not a month goes by that Dougie doesn't do something licence plate-related. And now he's even using them in his campaign imagery.

In a bizarre set of images shared by the premier on Thursday, Doug Ford can be seen symbolically removing stickers from a giant licence plate bearing his campaign slogan (and song) of "Get It Done" during a press conference at an auto repair facility.

His message was a shot at the previous Ontario Liberal Party administration's tolls on Highways 412 and 418 in Durham Region, calling them "unfair" and once again boasting of his removal of licence plate sticker renewal fees.

But the Premier incorporating licence plate imagery into his campaign is really just the latest chapter in what seems like an obsession, one that's been growing stronger as he rolls out his party's election promises.

The really baffling thing about this is that his ceremonial removal of the giant plate sticker came off more like an announcement than a recap of past accomplishments. It really seemed like Ford was just re-announcing old news for a campaign-friendly photo-op.

One commenter took the opportunity to take a jab at Ford's faulty, ill-fated blue licence plates, which were famously rendered unreadable at night.

That seemingly PC-branded plate failed miserably, so why not just forget about #PlateGate, take the old tried-and-true design and make it a whole lot bigger?

Another was quick to point out that, despite the date being an obvious nod to the upcoming June 2022 election, the massive plate sticker was on the verge of expiration.

It's up to voters to decide whether Ontario is down for another four years of licence plate antics, though there are probably larger issues to be considered when checking the ballot, so take this plate-obsessed rant with a grain of road salt.

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