licence plate sticker refund

People are starting to get their Ontario licence plate sticker refund in the mail

Ontario licence plate sticker refunds are being processed this month and people have started receiving cheques from the government in the mail.

It was less than two months ago that Premier Doug Ford announced the elimination of licence plate renewal fees and a refund on any such fee paid over the past two years.

With the refunds arriving in the mail this week, Ontario residents have taken to social media to laugh about the absurdity of this blatantly obvious timing.

Many have referred to the refund as a "Doug Ford bribe" seeing it as the politician hoping that the extra cash in everyone's pocket will be enough to convince voters he deserves another term.

Some have even gone as far as taking the refund and donating it directly to the Liberal Party in an attempt to help get Ford out of office.

Meanwhile, some are pointing out that they never even bought licence plate  stickers and are receiving a refund anyways.

A few politically savvy users were quick to point out the hypocrisy in a man trying to put money back into voter's pockets after removing paid sick days within days of taking office.

While others suggested the money could be better spent on increased C**ID testing throughout the province.

Haven't received your licence plate sticker refund yet? It's possible you may have an incorrect address on file or some outstanding fees. More info on how to get yours is on the Service Ontario website.

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Jeremy Gilbert

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