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Ontario might offer refunds to anyone who recently renewed their licence plate sticker

Following the recent news that Ontario is considering doing away with renewal fees for licence plate stickers, rumours are now circulating that the provincial government may offer up refunds to anyone who recently paid for a renewal.

While Premier Doug Ford's government has yet to confirm the news, sources told CityNews that the province is considering giving refunds to people who renewed their licence plate stickers over the last two years.

Earlier this week, reports that the Ontario government could be scrapping not only the fees but the licence plate stickers themselves as part of a campaign promise heading into the spring election began to circulate. 

Licence plate sticker renewal fees have existed in Ontario since 1999, and they currently cost drivers $120 per vehicle each year.

While this move would save drivers that amount annually, it would cost the government roughly $1 billion a year, and there's no word on how these funds would be replaced.

If Ford does introduce the bill to scrap the fees and stickers when the legislature reconvenes in late February, and it passes, Ontario licence plates would no longer feature a small sticker on the top right corner. 

The renewal process for the licence plate itself is expected to stay in place either way, however, as it this process requires motorists to pay any outstanding fines at the time of renewal. 

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