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Ontario might eliminate renewal fees for licence plate stickers

Ontario renewal fees for licence plate stickers could soon be a thing of the past if the latest rumours are true.

According to multiple reports, the Ontario government could be scrapping not only the fees but licence plate stickers altogether as part of a campaign promise heading into the election this Spring.

Scrapping the fees, currently $120 annually per vehicle, could cost the government to lose $1 billion a year, a sizable chunk of money that will need to be made up with other taxes or revenue generating measures.

In addition to future fees being scrapped, the government will also need to come up with a way to refund motorists who have prepaid fees for the year or two ahead.

Licence plate renewal fees have been in place in Ontario since 1999. 

While the fees and stickers themselves could be eliminated, the renewal process for the licence plate itself is expected to stay in place. 

This is because renewing licence plates requires motorists to pay any outstanding fines at the time of renewal such as unpaid highway tolls. They also require a motorist's vehicle to be insured.

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