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This is why people keep spotting groups of dinosaurs all over Toronto lately

If you've been out and about in downtown Toronto in recent days, you may have been one of the many people who spotted the very odd sight of a hoarde of dinosaurs making their way around the city.

An extremely conspicuous group dressed in giant inflatable raptor suits were seen wandering various busy areas on Wednesday and Thursday, eliciting stares, photo ops and of course, laughs.

The pack took to bustling spots like the Eaton Centre, Yonge-Dundas Square, the ROM, Queen St. W, and the foot of the CN Tower, as well as at various parks, subway platforms, and more, making themselves impossible to ignore all the while as they ran, danced and jumped around.

While some may have thought this to be yet another random instance of someone taking to the city's streets in a dino costume — Toronto is no stranger to such quirky shenanigans — there was actually a bigger reason for this stunt in particular.

The Toronto Raptors issued a cryptic video about the flock on Twitter on Saturday, stating that "4.16 the disruption continues."

Narrated by local Marvel superstar Simu Liu, the minute-long clip shows footage of the inflatable dinos taking over the city, with Liu saying "You thought we were extinct... You thought we wouldn't be here... The one thing we know about the Jurrasic era is that unlike everyone else, this city doesn't sleep on Raptors."

Liu concludes with "We're back baby, it's playoffs" while tense music plays in the background.

So yes, of course there was a connection between the gaggle of raptors and the city's NBA team of the same name: It was to mark and hype up the Raps' return to the NBA playoffs this season.

They kicked off their first round against the Philadelphia 76ers at Philly's Wells Fargo Center on Saturday, where they unfortunately lost by 20 points.

Still, the antic successfully garnered all of the attention as videos and tweets circulated on social media.

Now that everyone has successfully made the connection, the hype for the team is at an all-time high, and Jurassic Park festivities finally returning this year makes things extra exciting.

The Raptors will be playing the 76ers again in Philly on Monday night at 7:30 p.m.

For those who have been unable to shell out the money for an in-person game to see the team, buying your own inflatable raptor get-up to celebrate them is a far cheaper alternative to even the worst seats during the regular season, as one person hilariously noted on Twitter.

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Enoch Leung

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