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free parking in toronto

You can park for free all over downtown Toronto this Easter weekend but there's a catch

Don't rush to top your parking meter if 2022 Easter brunch runs late this weekend. In fact, don't give the meter any money at all — nobody's going to ding you for it.

The Toronto Police Service just announced that it will not be enforcing a whole host of on-street parking bylaws this holiday weekend, meaning that you can basically ignore the following signs on Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday:

  • Pay-and-Display/Metered Areas
  • Rush-Hour Routes
  • Posted signs indicating Monday to Friday regulations

Yes, the cops will be turning a blind eye to cars parked in rush hour zones, cars parked by empty meters and cars parked in violation of other weekday-specific signage.

But don't get too lax about the rules or start thinking that you're immune to tickets. Police specify that "all other areas and parking offences will continue to be enforced."

It's also important to note that enforcement will only be suspended on April 15, April 17 and April 18. Saturday will be business as usual in the City of Toronto, so mind the signs if you don't want a pricey ticket and potentially an even pricier tow.

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Alex Luyckx

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