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Toronto streets closed for Canadian health mandate protests are finally reopening

Toronto streets closed for the so-called "freedom protest" against Canadian and Ontarian public health mandates are finally re-opening.

Toronto Police Service first began shutting down streets to vehicle traffic around the Ontario Legislature in advance of a planned rally on Feb. 5. The trucker convoy that had been plaguing residents of Ottawa was said to be making its way to Toronto.

There were fears that trucks would block Toronto's hospital row along University Avenue.

But while there were many protesters who gathered, they didn’t block Toronto streets for long or at least no more than normal city traffic jams. The same thing happened the next weekend and last weekend.

Since the threat of the trucker's protest began, the streets have been blocked making it difficult to get through the area, and police said the "roads will re-open when we can safely do so."

But finally, Toronto Police announced that the road closures on Queen’s Park were finally lifted on March 2.

Toronto Police Service thanked residents for their patience and said a police presence will remain in the area. People were glad to see the streets reopen.

"It's about time!!!!!!!" one person wrote.

And hopefully, the streets will remain open. In recent days, many people have focused on rallying in support of Ukraine.

Also, many of the health mandates the protesters were fighting have since been lifted — vaccine passport requirements were lifted on March 1. Masks are still required in indoor settings but that mandate may soon be lifted too.

Canada has loosened travel mandates but the requirement to be fully vaccinated when crossing the Canada – U.S. remains, although there are moves to end COVID-19 mandates in the U.S. for Canadians crossing the border.

For now, unvaccinated travellers still need a test on arrival into Canada, again after eight days, and must also quarantine for 14 days.

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