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Toronto wakes up to major fog advisory and the photos are super eerie

After yet another wet blast of snow, Toronto awoke to a thick blanket of mist on Wednesday morning as Environment Canada issued a fog advisory for the city.

"Widespread fog has developed. Areas of dense fog with near zero visibility are likely," the federal weather agency warned residents around 7 a.m.

Meteorologists are asking commuters to plan ahead and take their time, as visibility is severely reduced and travel may take longer — and be more dangerous — than expected.

It's also not just the fog itself that may pose a problem, but the combination of it and the chilly temps: "With temperatures near or just below the freezing mark, the fog may deposit ice on untreated surfaces. Some roads and sidewalks may become slippery as a result," the advisory continues.

After complaints about the unanticipated snow abounded on social media yesterday, people are now taking to Twitter to share their creepy early morning photos and videos of the fog as it settles in.

In the wee hours before the sun rose, it was an especially eerie scene, with people unable to see farther than half a block or so ahead of them.

And as daylight struggles to push through, it still remains very grey out, and extremely difficult to see much of anything through the hazardously-dense clouds.

A huge swath of the region is dealing with the phenomenon, from essentially all of Southern Ontario west to Michigan, and up to North Bay and Sudbury.

But, experts say it will gradually disperse over the course of the morning.

Still, getting anywhere remains tricky at present, with the snow and ice buildup in some areas really compounding with the poor visibility to stress drivers out.

The forecast currently notes a stint of "freezing fog" in Toronto, with the temperature around -1 C — which feels about a degree colder — with 100 per cent humidity as of 8 a.m.

The high is going up to 6 C under mainly cloudy skies, which will feel closer to 3 C.

Thankfully, somehow, temperatures are forecasted to jump to a beautiful 16 C or so Thursday, with mainly sunny conditions — another tease of spring during these flip-floppy few weeks.

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Jaclyn Skrobacky

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