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Toronto police are closing off streets in anticipation of trucker convoy's arrival

In light of Tuesday night's news that members of the infamous trucker convoy are planning to make their way from Ottawa to Toronto, authorities have decided to proactively block off major roadways in the city to prevent anything remotely resembling the tumult the nation's capital has seen in recent days.

After T.O. got a little taste of the massive, disruptive demonstration over the weekend, leaders of the larger group still occupying Ottawa took to social media to share that they were heading south, largely due to the police presence around Parliament Hill.

"I don't think Toronto's quite had enough entertainment for this and Ottawa is getting a little sticky on their law enforcement, so tomorrow we'll pull up stake and go to Toronto," trucker Chris Barber said in a now widely-shared TikTok video.

The revelation has been causing quite the hubbub, with some fearing what this will mean for our downtown in the coming days, and others speculating that Barber is bluffing, perhaps strategically to manipulate police presence in Ottawa.

Toronto is among the cities that had sent forces to the capital to help with the absolute havoc the protest and its demonstrators have been causing.

Though there is indeed some evidence that Barber's latest claims are merely "a game," Toronto Police Service seems to be anticipating the worst, and blocked off Queen's Park Circle from College to Bloor late Wednesday morning.

The move is "in response to several social media posts announcing a possible demonstration involving a large number of vehicles," the force tweeted at 11:30 a.m. "We are taking steps to limit impact on our roads/residents."

Last Saturday, demonstrators took over a few major thoroughfares in Toronto, turning portions of roads like Queen Street and University Ave. into a gridlocked, honking mess and slowing down emergency vehicles.

One protester was arrested and charged with assault with a weapon for throwing feces, reminiscent of the masses who have apparently been urinating on monuments and defecating on residents' lawns up in Ottawa.

Police presence then also remained strong, with squad cars blocking off parts of Dundas and College to prevent masses from gathering, and remaining around the city through the weekend. Hopefully, if Barber isn't actually lying, the city's early response will help dissuade demonstrators and keep things fairly tame in the coming days.

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Jack Landau

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