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Toronto poop throwing protestor arrested and the internet is dumping on him

Unlike the continued disturbances plaguing the streets of Ottawa, the Toronto stop of the so-called "Freedom Protest" held this past weekend was quickly flushed out by cops after about two days of loud honking and obstructions to traffic.

It was a mostly peaceful affair, though there were blatant displays of racism spotted throughout the demonstration and even a few isolated instances of protestors being placed under arrest.

But it's one particular arrest that has everyone talking, an absurdly revolting excerpt from the protest triggering our collective gag reflex.

A 34-year-old man was arrested on Saturday at Bloor Street West and Bedford Road and charged with assault with a weapon.

What was the man armed with? Allegedly, it was a big ole' turd of feces flung at another person, which apparently counts as a weapon in legal books.

It's not the first time this kind of excrement attack has gone down in Toronto, bringing back memories of the infamous "pee pee poo poo man," who was also charged with assault with a weapon back in 2019 for terrorizing with tossed turds.

Toronto Twitter has erupted with the very same questions many readers are probably wondering, like "why?" and "who carries around poop?"

It's a valid question with a hilarious answer.

The motive of this fecal flinger is still unclear, including whether he was aligned with protesters, a counter-protest group supporting healthcare workers, or there for reasons unrelated to the protest at all.

Regardless of allegiances, it's being called "poo-r" behaviour.

Poking fun at their anti-vaccine mandate message and the far-right groups that have aligned themselves with this movement, the trucker convoy had previously garnered the mocking hashtag #FluTruxKlan, a title one commenter suggests is due for an update.

Meanwhile, police are getting love from the public for their smooth handling of the demonstrations, the arrest of this dung-directing, stool-sending menace included.

Toronto Police tell blogTO that no further information will be provided, as "details on what transpired form part of the investigation and releasing that information may contaminate potential witness statements."

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Hector Vasquez

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