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Leader of trucker convoy says protesters are moving from Ottawa to Toronto

The anti-vaccine mandate "Freedom convoy" has entered its 13th day paralyzing the nation's capital with deafening truck horns, displays of hate symbols, and general chaos and disruption.

And there's word that Toronto might be in for the same headaches after one of the demonstration's organizers hinted that the convoy could be rolling into the 6ix next.

Chris Barber, one of the leaders of the protest, posted a video to TikTok on Tuesday night, suggesting that Toronto will be the next target of the convoy, a warning that rings especially loud after a similar but much smaller anti-vaccine mandate protest ground Toronto traffic to a halt this past weekend.

"Ottawa isn't working really well with us in terms of law enforcement," says Barber, who says he "just came out of a meeting with a bunch of the top brass in this little movement here, and tomorrow, we're going to pull up stakes and head for Toronto."

"I don't think Toronto's quite had enough entertainment for this and Ottawa is getting a little sticky on their law enforcement, so tomorrow we'll pull up stake and go to Toronto," continues Barber, a 28-year veteran trucker who, among other event organizers, is now facing a $10 million lawsuit for their continued disruption in the capital.

The news has people in Toronto reacting to the rumour of trucks coming to shut down the city, with one calling out the claim that the city needs "entertainment."

Another comment assumes the convoy finally got the memo that mandates are being implemented at the provincial level, and that bringing the fight to Ottawa was not the correct move.

But the most common response is people who simply don't buy the threats.

The way Barber opened his warning message is another source of doubt on social media.

Though the organizers behind the convoy have gone to great lengths to distance themselves from the far-right, hateful rhetoric that has been a common sight during protests, Barber himself has shared videos of himself speaking in front of not just one, but two Confederate flags, a divisive symbol that has come to represent slavery and racism.

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