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Angry Ontario man asks 'Freedom convoy' truckers go to speak to Doug Ford

A trucker convoy in Ottawa is testing the patience of many residents, including one man who asks the noisy protest to move on to Toronto's Queen's Park.

The convoy, while purporting to be peaceful, has annoyed residents since arriving in the nation's capital last weekend. Three women stood up to truckers and blocked them in the street, volunteers went out to get groceries for a woman trapped by the protest, and women at a local shelter are afraid to go out.

A video circulating online appears to show an Ottawa man pushed to the edge, no longer able to contain his anger.

"What f***ing freedoms have you lost?" the man in a blue jacket shouts in the window of a truck. "What freedom have you lost?"

The camera pans around to trucks idling on the street.

"I've lost my mind because I haven't slept in five f***ing days," he continues.

The person behind the wheel seems to say something like: I hear you and suggests he watch his language.

The man hands a flyer to a person in a transport truck and appears to be calm but then looks directly in the camera.

"It has to fucking stop," he says.

The man filming says: "It stops when the government lifts the mandates," and then the man loses it.

"You f***ing idiot," the clearly exasperated man shouts. "The mandates are provincial not federal."

Rules about wearing a mask or getting a vaccine passport are set at the provincial level, he correctly states.

"Go talk to Doug Ford — the prime minister has nothing to do with this," he shouts. "Do you know anything about civics?"

The man behind the camera continues to argue, saying the federal government required vaccines for all federal employees, which is also true.

"The honking will continue until freedom improves," the camera person says.

And that honking might be coming to Toronto this weekend if the truckers follow this man's advice and the rumours prove to be true. Lucky us.

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