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Toronto companies dominate list of best hybrid workplaces in Canada for 2022

Long-shuttered offices are starting to reopen across Canada after two long years of work-from-home mandates that have changed not only how millions of people do their jobs, but where they live, how they spend and what they expect from employers moving forward.

Experts have been discussing what the future of work in a post-COVID world might look like since the pandemic first hit back in March of 2020, many of them eventually coming to champion what's been dubbed a "hybrid approach" where employees spend part of their time at a physical office and the other part working remotely.

With pretty much all remaining capacity limits, vaccine passport requirements and other lockdown restrictions set to lift in Ontario next Tuesday, Toronto employers are under more pressure than ever to lay out concrete return-to-office plans, whether they plan to stay completely remote, want workers back full-time or some kind of combination.

Those looking to attract and retain talent may want to consider the latter, if they haven't yet: The results of a nationwide Angus Reid survey published this past summer showed that only a very small fraction of Ontarians (six per cent) actually want to return to the office every single day in the future.

Roughly 29 per cent of the same group said they want to keep on working from home full-time forever, but the vast majority of local respondents — 65 per cent — said they would prefer a hybrid model where they split time between their home offices and places of employment.

Fortunately for job seekers, some local companies have already announced or implemented hybrid work policies — with varying degrees of success.  

You can find the best among them on a new list of "Canada's Best Workplaces for Hybrid Work" from Microsoft and Great Place to Work Canada, which bills itself as the "global authority on workplace culture."

"We determined the best based on employee responses to the Hybrid Work Readiness Index survey statements, as well as the organization's workplace programs and practices that support and enable hybrid work, as assessed in the Hybrid Questionnaire," reads an intro to the 2022 hybrid workplace list.

"The organizations on this list champion the employee experience and use it as a driving force for their hybrid environments."

A total of 100 different Canadian companies appear in the roundup, 45 of them based in the City of Toronto.

Ontario is also well-represented — incredibly so — with 72 entries including from cities like Waterloo, Cambridge and GTA locales such as Mississauga, which has 12 entries on the list, Markham, Whitby, Brampton and Vaughan.

Montreal and Vancouver contributed seven and eight employers to the list, respectively.

Among the top employers in Toronto for hybrid work were in the sectors of information technology, financial services, professional services, health care, manufacturing and, in the case of The Nature Conservatory of Canada and Zynga, "other."

You can find all 100 companies listed below and learn more about them on the Great Place to Work website.

  1. 360insights, Information Technology – Whitby, Ontario
  2. 7shifts Inc., Information Technology – Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
  3. Achievers, Information Technology – Toronto, Ontario
  4. Ada Support, Information Technology- Toronto, Ontario
  5. Admiral Insurance, Financial Services & Insurance – Halifax, Nova Scotia
  6. AIR MILES, Professional Services – Toronto, Ontario
  7. Alida, Information Technology – Toronto, Ontario
  8. Appnovation Technologies Inc., Information Technology – Vancouver, British Columbia
  9. Ashfield Healthcare Canada, Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals – Pointe-Claire, Quebec
  10. Astellas Pharma Canada, Inc., Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals – Markham, Ontario
  11. ATB Financial, Financial Services & Insurance – Edmonton, Alberta
  12. Aviso Wealth, Financial Services & Insurance – Toronto, Ontario
  13. Axonify, Information Technology – Waterloo, Ontario
  14. Bath Fitter, Retail – Saint-eustache, Quebec
  15. Baxter Canada, Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals- Mississauga, Ontario
  16. Behaviour Interactive, Entertainment – Montreal, Quebec
  17. Biogen Canada Inc., Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals – Toronto, Ontario
  18. BlueCat, Information Technology – North York, Ontario
  19. Bond Brand Loyalty, Professional Services – Mississauga, Ontario
  20. Borrowell, Information Technology – Toronto, Ontario
  21. Bounteous, Professional Services – Toronto, Ontario
  22. Broadridge Financial Solutions, Financial Services & Insurance – Toronto, Ontario
  23. Centurion Asset Management Inc., Real Estate – Toronto, Ontario
  24. CI Financial Corp., Financial Services & Insurance – Toronto, Ontario
  25. Cisco Systems Canada Co, Information Technology – Toronto, Ontario
  26. Clark Wilson LLP, Professional Services – Vancouver, British Columbia
  27. COBS Bread, Retail – Vancouver, British Columbia
  28. Compass Group Canada, Hospitality – Mississauga, Ontario
  29. CWB Financial Group, Financial Services & Insurance – Edmonton, Alberta
  30. Dejero, Information Technology – Waterloo, Ontario
  31. Doctors of BC, Professional Services- Vancouver, British Columbia
  32. Dow, Manufacturing & Production- Calgary, Alberta
  33. Equitable Bank, Financial Services & Insurance – Toronto, Ontario
  34. FedEx Express Canada, Transportation- Mississauga, Ontario
  35. goeasy Ltd, Financial Services & Insurance – Mississauga, Ontario
  36. Grant Thornton LLP, Professional Services – Toronto, Ontario
  37. Haventree Bank, Financial Services & Insurance – Toronto, Ontario
  38. HI-FLYER FOOD (CANADA), INC, Hospitality- Calgary, Alberta
  39. Hilti Canada Corporation, Construction – Mississauga, Ontario
  40. Home Trust Company, Financial Services & Insurance- Toronto, Ontario
  41. HomeStars Inc., Information Technology – Toronto, Ontario
  42. HRdownloads, Professional Services – London, Ontario
  43. IMCD Canada Limited, Other – Brampton, Ontario
  44. Impres Inc., Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals – Cambridge, Ontario
  45. Infosys Canada, Information Technology – Mississauga, Ontario
  46. Introhive, Information Technology – Fredericton, New Brunswick
  47. Intuit Canada, Information Technology – Toronto, Ontario
  48. Jobber, Information Technology – Edmonton, Alberta
  49. Klick Health, Professional Services – Toronto, Ontario
  50. Knowledge First Financial, Financial Services & Insurance – Mississauga, Ontario
  51. Lamour Group, Manufacturing & Production – Montreal, Quebec
  52. LMI Technologies Inc., Manufacturing & Production – Burnaby, British Columbia
  53. Match MG Canada Inc., Retail – Mississauga, Ontario
  54. Medchart, Health Care- Toronto, Ontario
  55. MediaCom, Professional Services – Toronto, Ontario
  56. Medtronic Canada ULC, Health Care – Brampton, Ontario
  57. Mister Safety Shoes Inc., Retail – North York, Ontario
  58. Mondelez International, Manufacturing & Production – Toronto, Ontario
  59. NewAge Products Inc., Other – Vaughan, Ontario
  60. Northern Commerce, Professional Services – London, Ontario
  61. Novartis Canada, Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals – Dorval, Quebec
  62. Nulogy Corporation, Information Technology – Toronto, Ontario
  63. O2E Brands, Professional Services – Vancouver, British Columbia
  64. Online Business Systems, Information Technology – Winnipeg, Manitoba
  65. Optimus SBR, Professional Services – Toronto, Ontario
  66. PartnerStack, Information Technology – Toronto, Ontario
  67. Petal, Information Technology – Quebec City, Quebec
  68. Ltd, Information Technology – Toronto, Ontario
  69. Proof Strategies Inc., Professional Services – Toronto, Ontario
  70. Q4 Inc, Information Technology – Toronto, Ontario
  71. Raymond James Ltd., Financial Services & Insurance – Vancouver, British Columbia
  72. RBC, Financial Services & Insurance – Toronto, Ontario
  73. Recipe Unlimited Corporation, Hospitality – Vaughan, Ontario
  74. Rexall Pharmacy Group Ltd. Retail- Mississauga, Ontario
  75. Richardson Wealth, Financial Services & Insurance, Toronto, Ontario
  76. Ryan ULC, Professional Services -Mississauga, Ontario
  77. Salesforce, Information Technology – Toronto, Ontario
  78. SAP Canada, Information Technology – Toronto, Ontario
  79. Scotiabank, Financial Services & Insurance – Toronto, Ontario
  80. Service Corporation International (Canada) ULC, Professional Services – Vancouver, British Columbia
  81. Siemens Healthineers, Health Care – Oakville, Ontario
  82. Softchoice, Information Technology – Toronto, Ontario
  83. Solutions Beyond Technologies, Information Technology – Montreal, Quebec
  84. Southwire Canada, Industrial Services – Mississauga, Ontario
  85. Stryker Canada ULC, Health Care – Waterdown, Ontario
  86. Sun Life, Financial Services & Insurance – Toronto, Ontario
  87. Swiss Reinsurance Company Ltd, Canadian Branch – Financial Services & Insurance, Toronto, Ontario
  88. THE ALDO GROUP INC., Retail- Montreal, Quebec
  89. The Nature Conservancy of Canada, Other, Toronto, Ontario
  90. The PEER Group Inc., Information Technology – Kitchener, Ontario
  91. Thinkific, Information Technology – Vancouver, British Columbia
  92. Thomson Reuters Canada Limited, Information Technology – Toronto, Ontario
  93. Traction on Demand, Information Technology – Burnaby, British Columbia
  94. Tulip, Information Technology – Kitchener, Ontario
  95. Underwriters Laboratories of Canada Inc. (UL Canada), Professional Services – Toronto, Ontario
  96. Vendasta, Information Technology – Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
  97. Visa Canada, Information Technology – Toronto, Ontario
  98. Wave Financial Inc., Information Technology -Toronto, Ontario
  99. Wavemaker Canada ULC, Media – Toronto, Ontario
  100. Zynga Game Canada Ltd, Other – Toronto, Ontario
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