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Toronto man goes viral after walking over 12 km to see his girlfriend during the blizzard

While many Toronto residents who didn't have to venture out into the snow made the wise decision to stay home during Monday's historic blizzard, Ian Best was determined to see his girlfriend. 

The Seneca College student had baked a cake that morning that he intended to share with his significant other, and he wasn't about to let something as minor as a snowstorm get in his way.

"When I woke up, I couldn't see too far out my window and I knew the storm was here," he told blogTO. "But it wasn't too cold when I checked the weather, so I considered it safe enough to walk."

Best said he didn't initially intend to walk the whole way, but when he arrived at the Seneca bus stop he discovered three TTC buses stuck on the hill. He continued on a little further, only to find roughly 70 cars and 15 other buses lodged in the snow.

When he arrived at the subway station, he discovered that the train was only running to Lawrence Station.

"I realized the TTC probably wasn't going to get me even close to my destination," he said. So, he kept walking.

It was at that point that Best decided to chronicle his journey on TikTok, and the first video he posted that day has since amassed nearly 40,000 likes.

While there were times during his journey that Best considered turning back, like when he had to walk through snow drifts up to his waist or when he could barely see thanks to the snow blowing in his face, he said the thing that kept him going was the thought of seeing his girlfriend smile upon his arrival.

Best left his dorm room at 7:30 a.m. that day and arrived around 11:30 a.m., meaning it took him about four hours to complete the journey. He believed the distance between the two locations was only about 10 km when he started, but Google Maps later revealed it was closer to 12.5 km.

When he finally arrived, his girlfriend was smiling and laughing as she opened the door, and her first words to him were "You're insane."

"It took me an hour and some hot chocolate to warm up and defrost," he said. "Everything I was wearing was either frozen or damp, my pants were frozen and I found enough snow in my pockets to make a good-sized snowball at one point during the trek."

Asked if the journey was worth it, Best didn't hesitate.

"It was worth it," he said. "If I had to walk in that every day just to see her, I would."

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Ian Best

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