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Toronto man spotted shovelling snow in shorts and a t-shirt during vicious blizzard

Toronto continues to dig itself out from under roughly 40 centimetres of snow following a fierce blizzard on Monday that left more white stuff on the ground within a half-day than we've seen all year to date.

Photo and video footage from the storm careened through social media feeds nearly as fast as the snow itself came down, giving us a glimpse into the many different ways locals reacted to the biggest "snow day" Toronto has seen in years.

Some residents — I'd venture to say most — chose to wait out the blizzard indoors, because brrrrrr. Others got stuck on area roads and highways for hours as visibility dropped to zero and collisions overtook the grid.

Others still slapped on cross-country skis and pulled their kids around in sleds. So cute. "So Canadian," as many on Twitter raved.

But the people who did Canada most proud yesterday were those who took to the streets with shovels, helping out neighbours, friends and trapped motorists — in one case with pretty much zero protection from the harsh elements outdoors.

Koda Dale, an esthetician at Foxy Box Wax Bar on Queen Street West, was stunned on Monday morning when, during the blizzard's peak, she looked across the street to see a man shovelling out the snowbank in front of a blocked vehicle.

Heck, he didn't even have pants or a long-sleeved shirt on.

"My instant reaction was wtf?!" Dale tells blogTO. "Like, I know I shouldn't be shocked because you see this all the time, but with how bad the weather is I was SHOCKED."

"Then, the Mom in me — I'm a mom of three — wanted to go over there and scold him," she laughed. "'Do you know how cold it is out here? Put a coat on. Where's your hat and gloves? You're going to get sick' type of scolding."

Dale tells blogTO that she believes the man works at a local business on Queen Street West near Niagara Street — potentially Sud Forno or Terroni.

This would make sense, given the man's hardcore nature, white chef's apron and short-sleeved shirt (chefs in Toronto are required by law to wear short sleeves so that their tattoos are visible.)

"This is truly Canadian," wrote one person in response to the video on Twitter. "I'm honestly surprised he's not wearing flip flops as well," joked another.

While his actions were undeniably cool, the unidentified man wasn't following the advice of public health officials who say that it's best to cover up or stay indoors during severe winter weather events.

"Cover as much exposed skin as possible. Frostbite can develop over a relatively short period of time during periods of extreme cold," advises the City of Toronto's Extreme Cold Weather website. "Wear waterproof and windproof outer layers. Wear a hat. Choose warm mittens instead of gloves."

This guidance still applies to tough AF Canucks, whether they need it or not.

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