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Demolition of Gardiner Expressway captured in incredible new drone video

People who like to watch stuff getting destroyed may want to check out a new video of the Gardiner Expressway east-end ramp demolition.

The Gardiner Expressway Logan Avenue ramps were torn down this fall and the company hired to do the work, Priestly Demolition Inc., just released a video of the massive project.

The demolition took five weekends to complete and has caused a lot of traffic headaches with more to come.

The video looks a bit like a reality series promo with several slow-motion shots of men in hard hats but it also features some cool drone footage and time-lapse video of the action.

The demolition is part of the city's broader Lake Shore Boulevard East project (including the Gardiner Expressway Rehabilitation Plan and Port Lands Flood Mitigation Protection projects), the upcoming demolition work is also a key step in the 2016-approved Gardiner Expressway Rehabilitation Plan.

The Gardiner's so-called "hybrid option" will create a new, less convoluted connection to the Don Valley Parkway, realigning the expressway with new DVP ramps constructed further north than their current position. New Cherry Street access ramps will also be added in the future.

The project also makes way for the redevelopment of the Port Lands.

Construction for the Gardiner Expressway started in 1955 and was named after Frederick Gardiner, chair of the Metropolitan Executive Committee.

It has become a costly highway to maintain over the years and an elevated section between the Don River and Leslie St. was demolished in 2001.

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Priestly Demolition Inc. screen shot

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