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It's about to feel like -30 C in Toronto as city plunges into deep cold snap

If you've been hoping that the brutal January weather in Toronto will let up anytime soon, you're unfortunately out of luck this week as the city's extreme cold weather alert continues for yet another day, with temps expected to feel like a frosty -30 C on Tuesday night.

In the aftermath of last Monday's epic blizzard, the GTA was hit with yet another bout of snow yesterday, slowing cleaning efforts that have still left many sidewalks and bike paths impassable days later despite the fact that roadways are very well cleared.

Meanwhile, a cold weather alert has remained in effect for nine days straight now, with warming centres operating for those unable to secure shelter from the frigid temperatures.

Residents have been dealing with some of the most glacial air in years post-New Year's after an unseasonably mild start to winter, and the next few days will be no different.

According to Environment Canada, Tuesday will reach -7 C at the warmest in Toronto, which will feel more like -12 C under party cloudy skies. There will be a chance of flurries into the evening as thermometers lower to a painful -22 C, or -30 C with the wind chill. Frostbite risks are high, the agency warns.

The cold snap will persist into Wednesday, which has a high of only -12 C, feeling like -30 C through the morning, and -15 C by afternoon.

Thursday will be a tad warmer at -5 C, but things will plummet back down to -11 C by Saturday with sadly no above-zero temps anywhere in the forecast for the next seven days.

The Weather Network is likewise cautioning citizens about the extreme cold, as well as some wind and potential lake-effect snow today for parts of Southern Ontario, including the western edge of the GTA.

Cottage country will be the chilliest in the region, with forecasts of -31 C or worse, which will feel like an unbearable -37 C in some areas with wind chill.

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