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People brought a couch on the Toronto subway for the most comfortable commute ever

If you've ever found yourself shifting uncomfortably on the rigid, unforgiving seats of the TTC, a recent Toronto commute that had riders lounging on their public transit voyage might offer a shred of optimism.

But before you start planning to make yourself at home with your own furniture on the subway, be aware that the comfort of these intrepid riders came at the cost of some major frustrations.

Instagram user @anathawan tells blogTO that her friend found the upholstered loveseat — which just so happens to match the TTC's iconic red livery — on the Stooping Toronto IG (which functions like an online garage sale), becoming "obsessed" with it and worrying someone else would snatch it away.

"So we decided to drop everything and get the couch even though it's literally on the other end of the city," though there was a catch; neither of them drive.

She tells us that the group "travelled from Woodbine station, got to the couch and decided to call for an Uber XL," in hopes that the supersized rideshare option would be capable of assisting in the move.

But unfortunately, that was the first hiccup in their plan. The driver approached the pair, but upon assessing the situation, decided he couldn't help them, gave them a refund and drove off.

Left standing outside of the pickup location with no clear path forward, the pair reevaluated their plan, realizing they would need to proceed the hard way.

They called up their friend Liam with a plan for the three to maneuver the couch back to the station, into an elevator, and onto the subway platform below to squish onto a train for the return trip. Luckily, a pair of strangers saw them struggling and assisted in this leg of the move.

Once aboard a train, they rode 17 stops to Lansdowne Station in style, but this cozy commute was the easy part, as the challenge of moving the furniture to its new home was far from over.

The final leg of the journey had the group travelling two blocks from Lansdowne Station, and luckily, another passerby stepped in to help, getting out of his car and offering the group a wheelbarrow.

"Liam went back with him and they got a wheelbarrow, and we rolled it down the hill which was kind of scary but really funny."

With that final gravity-assisted transit complete, the group finally had their new couch at home, and the wheelbarrow was returned to the generous stranger.

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