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TTC streetcars keep getting stuck at the end of the line when people won't leave

A long line of TTC streetcars highlights an issue Toronto has been grappling with for quite some time.

The streetcars seem stuck at Commissioners Road and Leslie Street in a video posted by Rocco Signorile. The Leslie Barns, a TTC storage and maintenance facility, is here but it appears as if the streetcars can't proceed to the facility because, according to Signorile, there are people still on the streetcars.

He says TTC drivers "are forced to drive in poor conditions with homeless on their vehicles with potential danger."

Signorile says this happens nearly every night as people refuse to leave.

Toronto is in a housing crisis and homelessness remains a dire issue, forcing people to seek shelter in encampments, under bridges and even use the TTC as a warm place to sleep.

TTC spokesperson Stuart Green tells blogTO this continues to happen.

"It happens on occasion that people fall asleep or may have been seeking shelter on one of our vehicles, stay on until the end of the line," Green says.

Although Signorile says the drivers are in danger, Green says when people are found sleeping in the TTC buses or streetcars, they respond in an appropriate way.

"We have integrated support with the City of Toronto Streets to Homes program and the United Way if an individual is under-housed or in crisis," he says.

"If someone requires medical assistance, we will call for that."

This situation can occur on all TTC vehicles — buses, subways, and streetcars — at the end of the line, at stations or turnaround points.

"These are not common occurrences, but we do see a slight increase in the colder weather," Green says.

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