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Toronto skies were painted pink and gold in a stunning sunset and the photos are epic

Toronto's skyline was painted in a spectrum of warm colours on Thursday, the setting sun making for a very photogenic evening in the city. Our social feeds lit up with some beautiful shots of the vibrant sunset, and we've filtered out some of the highlights.

The colourful skies are just the latest in a wild weather system that has brought unseasonably warm temperatures and insanely high winds to the city in what is usually a brisk mid-December.

Some of these shots give off more of a summer vibe, the warm-looking colours feeling a bit out of place in the middle of December.

Viewers captured some dramatic colour combinations, like the rich orange and purple tones visible below in a shot overlooking the waterfront.

A fiery pink, red, and orange combo created a dramatic backdrop against the Humber Bay Shores area skyline.

The colourful sky assisted in some fantastic street photography, adding some flavour to city scenes like these shots from Bloor and Bathurst.

Around 5 o'clock, the pink hues began to give way to orange as the sun dipped closer to the horizon.

It started looking like the sky was ablaze as the sunset progressed, with just about everyone with a view pointing their phones and camera lenses skyward to capture the experience.

Even as night fell, skywatchers were still left with a cool purple glow.

We could see even more colourful sunsets as the weather returns to seasonal conditions due to a phenomenon called Rayleigh scattering. In short, low humidity and cleaner air translate to a more colourful sunset, colder temperatures typically bringing less humidity.

So make sure to have your phone or camera handy in the weeks to come as frigid temperatures arrive.

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