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High winds caused havoc in Toronto over the weekend and even events were cancelled

Toronto was battered with the worst wind storm in years on Saturday, with winds in excess of 100 km/h causing damage across the city, knocking out power for hundreds of thousands, and forcing the cancellation of events.

If 100 km/h sounds like a lot, that's because it is. That's approaching hurricane-force winds of 118 km/h.

According to The Weather Network, 75 km/h winds are enough to damage structures, and 90 km/h can uproot entire trees.

Hydro One reported more than 450,000 customers were without power due to the storm, as over 200 broken poles and 53 damaged transformers, downed power lines, and fallen trees wreaked havoc on the power grid.

Damage was so severe that Hydro One stated some customers could be without power beyond Monday, with 3,500 active outages as of Sunday evening.

Heavy winds created some impressive surf along the shores of Lake Ontario, with Woodbine Beach looking a bit like a coastal Florida town during a hurricane news report.

Though some weren't deterred by the severe weather, including one intrepid surfer who decide to brave the chilly waves.

It was a similar scene over at Humber Bay, with crashing waves looking like a painting out of the exploration era, minus the obligatory sea monster and tall ship.

Condo-dwellers high above the city centre experienced terrifying roars from the wind. It takes some reach courage to go out on your high-level balcony during what feels like a refrigerated tropical storm.

The wind did a number on the Canadian flag fixed atop the Toronto Police Service headquarters on College.

What should have been a fun night out for some turned into disappointment when high winds forced Terra Lumina at the Toronto Zoo, the Snow Magic drive-through installation, and other events to cancel for the evening.

Though the storm has subsided, businesses and property owners are still assessing damage around the region.

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