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Anti-vax spokesperson stranded after getting kicked out of Toronto airport

An anti-vaxxer and self-proclaimed "freedom fighter" is stranded thousands of kilometres from home after getting kicked out of Toronto Pearson International Airport.

Patrick King of Red Deer, Alberta — a known associate of anti-vax bro Chris Sky — was in Ontario to participate in what has ballooned to an almost two-week-long far-right demonstration at PB's Peterburgers in, as you'd guess, Peterborough.

The burger joint is fighting a Section 22 Order to comply with public health regulations, which the owners have turned into a media circus, scraping the barrel of society to bring in anti-vax personalities from around the country.

Addressing a sparse crowd of anti-vax burger-lovers on Saturday, King boasted about not having to prove his vaccination status on the plane ride over. But he wouldn't be so lucky for his ill-fated return trip back out to oil country.

In a twist of either irony or cosmic justice, King was reportedly kicked out of Pearson International Airport, implying in videos released to his followers that either the airport or airline policies prevented him from boarding his flight, and stranding him in Ontario.

"Now that I've been denied service, I've been kicked out of the airport, I am officially stuck in Toronto Pearson International Airport, and cannot get home," said King.

We're going to stop you right there, buddy. Saying you're "stuck" implies that you have no way out of this situation when really it's only stubbornness and conspiracy theories standing in the way of your return.

For what it's worth, King claims to be exempt from the latest travel vaccination policies. Though if this was indeed the case, a signed note from a Canadian licensed medical doctor or nurse practitioner submitted three weeks prior to departure is all he would've needed to fly home unvaccinated.

"They did not follow the law, they did not follow the fact that I'm exempt, they did not follow the fact that I had a PCR test done, they did not follow the fact that I had a control group saying I cannot be vaccinated."

While not commenting on the specific passenger, a representative of WestJet tells blogTO that, "as of November 30, 2021, in line with the Government of Canada's Federal mandate, guests 12 years and four months or older, are required to provide proof of vaccination to travel with the WestJet Group, with narrow exceptions."

The representative clarifies that while some grounds for exemptions do exist, "submitting a request for an exemption does not mean that it will be approved."

"They're done," said King, in what has become his unfortunate catchphrase. "WestJet is about to get the biggest f***ing lawsuit in the history of the world," continued King. "You poked the wrong f***ing bear."

In another video, King can be heard saying, "I'm stuck in Ontario. I said I'd never come back, and this is exact proof why I should've never came back. Now I'm stuck here."

One commenter suggests that either King messed up the dates for his flight, or that this was a planned publicity stunt, knowing full well that the transition period for unvaccinated travellers ended after Nov. 29. This is backed up by a mention King made on a livestream that he falsely thought the mandate went into effect at 11:59 pm on Nov 3.

But it seems King could have even bigger problems on the horizon than being stuck far from home. His ramblings might even see him locked up, with one troubling clip showing King not-so-subtly threatening the Prime Minister.

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