when will it snow in toronto

Toronto could finally see its first snowfall of the season this weekend

When will it snow in Toronto for the first time this season? People really want to know, even if only for curiosity's sake because, well... the weather's been a bit wonky lately.

November of 2021 has not, to date, felt much like November at all in Canada's largest city, with balmy temperatures and abundant sunshine giving off distinct, undeniable mid-September vibes.

Few have been complaining about the atypically warm autumn temperatures, but the looming twin threats of cold and snow grow more palpable with each passing calendar day.

So what gives? Where's the snow? We've normally seen at least a few flurries by this time of year.

While they can't with 100 per cent certainty say when, exactly, Toronto will see its first flakes this season, meteorologists are now predicting that it will be soon — as in just a few days.

"After days of rare November sunshine and even a few 20-degree daytime highs across southern Ontario this week, a pattern change is on the doorstep for the province," reads an update published by The Weather Network Thursday morning.

"Much colder weather this weekend could also result in bands of lake-effect snow, with locally heavy snow totals possible for the traditional snow belts."

The weather is expected to begin taking a nasty turn this evening when two low-pressure systems join forces to bring Toronto windy, rainy conditions.

This dreary weather should taper off a bit on Friday, but experts say it will return with a vengeance over the weekend, threatening lake-effect snow across Southern Ontario (in addition to worsening blizzard-like conditions in the province's northern regions.)

"This is when the transition begins," said Weather Network meteorologist Nadine Powell in today's update. "This is a huge low-pressure system that will generate cooler westerly winds this weekend."

Bundle up, buttercup, but don't go into hibernation mode just yet — there's a chance that temperatures will "rebound to above seasonal for a couple days" during the middle of next week before winter weather really settles in.

If all plays out as predicted, winter will come on fast and fierce once it hits Toronto in earnest. Especially once December rolls around.

"Winter gets off to a faster start — it's more a front-end loaded winter," said Weather Network meteorologist Dr. Doug Gillham to blogTO earlier this fall.

"How much of November is included in the later fall pattern is hard to say. Pattern changes can develop... But I can't ignore the consistent signal and research that says this December has the potential to deliver more consistent weather than we've seen over the past 25 years."

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