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Toronto weather expected to be warmer than normal this fall with one exception

While summer appears to have peaced out a bit earlier than usual across much of Canada this year, meteorologists say that September's crisp breezes will soon give way to "extended periods" of above-seasonal temperatures.

Does this mean a Halloween without parkas in Toronto? It's too soon to say... but all signs point to maybe.

The Weather Network just released one of its quarterly extended forecast reports, this one for the second half of September, October and into November.

Beginning (officially) next Wednesday, when the Fall Equinox arrives, autumn will bring with it many opportunities for Ontario residents to get outside and enjoy what many consider to be the best of all four seasons.

"Warm weather is not finished with much of Canada just yet. Late September and October will feature extended periods of pleasant fall weather with near seasonal or above seasonal temperatures," reads the Weather Network forecast.

In Ontario, specifically, meteorologists say that "warmer than normal temperatures are expected to dominate the heart of the fall season."

The news surely comes as welcome to most people in Toronto after a summer filled with wishy-washy, too-hot then too-cold then too-hot again weather.

But things aren't expected to remain rosy as we approach the end of the season — there is one outlying system that could make the transition from November into December feel distinctly frosty.

According to the Weather Network, "a pattern change during late fall should bring an earlier arrival to winter weather."

We can expect plenty of lake-effect snow in Southern Ontario once this happens, so... enjoy the balmy weather of fall while you can. Early December could be harsh.

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