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Wasaga Beach bans commenting on social media due to hate and bullying

One Ontario town decided they have had enough of "hate" and "misinformation"and banned commenting on all their social media channels.

Effective on Oct. 26, the Town of Wasaga Beach is no longer allowing commenting on social media platforms.

"We are making this change due to individuals in our community who are using the pages to bully, spread hate, and misinformation," the town posted.

In a video posted on the Town's social media, Mayor Nina Bifolchi, explained the town had been experiencing not just contrary opinions but out and out lies.

She says staff members prepare content for the town's webpage and social media pages and monitor comments to ensure they adhere to the rules for posting.

"Unfortunately, a small handful of people in our community are using the town's social media platform to spread their hate lies and bullying behavior," Bifolchi says in the video.

She says the group claims they are being censored.

"Toxic people love playing the victim," she says. "They're twisting of the facts to suit their needs and narcissistic ways is keeping staff busy monitoring the town's social media platform, taking away from other productive activities."

So they have decided to turn off the commenting ability, for now, on social media posts.

She adds the commenters don't just have a difference of opinion or opposing view to the towns.

"This is not about the town trying to control the narrative," she says. "This is about a small handful of people who spread lies, twist facts, harass and play the victim when they are called out for it."

The public is encouraged to email or phone the town with comments or suggestions for now.

At least one group in town isn't happy with council. Wasaga Beach Ratepayers Association is planning a protest this Friday.

But the town is not giving in.

"To the small group, you will not be given a town platform to speak your hate and lies to those who have been respectful of the town's social media rules and shared your views in a respectful manner, even when it was an opposing view," the mayor says.

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