TTC Subway Closure

TTC is shutting down subway stations on Line 1 this weekend

It's no secret the TTC likes to shut down subway stations on weekends so it's no surprise that four stations on Line 1 will not have subway service this weekend. 

While the reason for the closure is usually signal maintenance or track work this weekend's shutdown is for a different purpose.

As we get within a year of the Crosstown LRT finally opening (fingers crossed) along Eglinton, we could be more likely to see further disruptions to the current subway lines as we get ready for the new one.

This weekend on Saturday, October 16 and Sunday October 17 there will be no subway service between Lawrence and St. Clair stations "to accommodate work on the Eglinton Crosstown" LRT, according to a TTC bulletin

This doesn't mean the stations will be fully closed. You can still connect to all the usual bus routes operating out of the stations including the fleet of shuttle buses that will be replacing the subways.

And the following week? Get ready for another full weekend closure October 23 and 24 between Finch and St. Clair.

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