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People are asking for a new subway station next to the Distillery District

It's no secret that the TTC leaves much to be desired for most Toronto residents, which is why a few people are already stepping forward with ideas on how to further improve the upcoming subway expansion.

With the new Ontario Line set to begin construction soon, many people are excited that Canada's largest city will have more than two subway lines running through the city centre. 

However, even with the new line on the way some people are wondering why there appears to still be large gaps in service, even along the line's current planned route.

Jonathan English, the Transportation Policy Director for the Toronto Region Board of Trade is asking why the current expansion plan doesn't include a stop along Cherry Street, despite passing right along a perfect spot for a station.

This proposed stop would serve the Distillery District, thousands of homes, the location of the new Netflix studio opening up just south on Cherry, as well as a number of popular tourist attractions.

"When you look at the area within a 5 or 10 minute walk of the station, it's at least 10,000 housing units, maybe more," English told blogTO.

"It's a busy streetcar route, it's a major tourist attraction. I can't think of many places in the city that would be better suited for a subway station."

With a number of federally funded transit projects coming to Toronto soon including the expansion of the Yonge line and the Scarborough extension, the entire country is investing heavily in Toronto's infrastructure so the hope is the city gets it right the first time.

With construction projects constantly disturbing residents and businesses around the city, the last thing anyone wants is for everything to have to start up again the moment these projects are completed so that the city can fix their errors.

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