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Kevin Vuong vows to carry on as independent MP of Spadina-Fort York despite scandal

Newly-elected Spadina-Fort York MP Kevin Vuong, disgraced after a dropped sexual assault charge from 2019 emerged just days before the election, is standing his ground and defying mass calls to step down from office.

It was too late in the game by election day to remove Vuong's name from the ballot when the past allegations came to light, meaning that many voted for him as the Liberal candidate despite the fact that he had been ousted by the party and will not be a part of its caucus.

He will instead sit as an independent should he maintain the post, which it appears he 100 per cent plans to do, according to yet another brief statement issued over the weekend.

"After taking time to reflect on recent events, I want to apologize for the lack of disclosure," Vuong wrote on Twitter on Saturday evening.

"I have decided to continue as an Independent Member of Parliament for Spadina-Fort York and will work hard to serve the community."

It is the first post from his account since his previous formal comment on the topic, which came two days after election day, four days after the Libs cut ties with him and nearly a week after news of the past case, which the alleged victim dropped after saying she "didn't have the energy" to pursue further, became public.

"I appreciate that not everyone is happy with my election, and I very much understand why it is different in my case. For those who feel this way, I understand the source of your doubts and I will work hard to earn your trust," Vuong wrote on Sept. 22 in his first response to the controversy as he continued to dodge contact requests from media.

He has asserted that the withdrawn allegations are unequivocally false and that he was in a "casual but intimate" and consensual relationship with the complainant at the time of the incident.

Still, nearly 5,000 people have signed a petition demanding his resignation, while others — including Ontario Liberal Leader Steven Del Duca, Spadina-Fort York City Councillor Joe Cressy and former Spadina-Fort York MP Adam Vaughaan — have chorused for the same on social media.

Vuong's most recent announcement has garnered more than 400 quote tweets, hundreds of likes, dozens of retweets and nearly 1,000 responses in less than two days, showing how strong constituents in the dense downtown riding feel about the matter.

The Spadina-Fort York Federal Liberal Association is among those calling for a re-election to seat a new representative for the neighbourhood, stating that "The residents of Spadina-Fort York deserve a member of parliament they can trust and rely on. Mr. Vuong's past actions and recent statements have clearly not met that threshold."

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